TPO roofing is an excellent choice for building owners who value longevity and low heat absorption characteristics of this white roofing material. However, it comes at a cost, that for some means they have to go a more traditional route of asphalt roofing, which while still very durable, is not as energy efficient. But there is a new product on the market which helps save money both during installation, as well as down the road, by providing superior energy efficiency.

QuestCP is a manufacturer of liquid-applied roofing materials. The high quality and low cost of their products has not gone unnoticed in the roofing world and just a few weeks ago QuestCP has been acquired by a roofing giant – GAF. If this acquisition tells us anything, is that what we learned while installing these liquid-applied roofs was correct. Since you do not need to perform a costly removal and disposal of the old roof, liquid-applied roofing becomes a very budget-friendly option for many building owners.